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When you’re renting out a storage unit, you have a big decision to make: climate controlled, or not climate controlled. This is an important question to ask while looking at different units. Some of your belongings probably don’t need it, while others may be severely damaged if they aren’t climate controlled. Not sure if you need climate controlled storage near Kyle, TX? Check out this handy guide prepared by the experts at Hunter Oaks.

What is Climate Control
Climate controlled storage near Kyle, TX means that the unit is air conditioned and kept at a fairly constant temperature. This means anything kept inside will be protected from moisture and temperature changes. These units are usually found indoors, and are better protected from the outside elements that other units. These units are also more protected from dust and dirt, which can be found in greater quantities in outdoor units.

How To Tell If You Need Climate Control
Climate controlled storage near Kyle, TX is a good option for people storing more fragile belongings. If you’re planning on storing books, electronics, furniture, antiques, photo albums, or anything else of the sort, you might want to consider getting climate control. These items can easily be damaged by moisture and the extreme temperature changes we get out here in Texas. Climate control protects them from the potential damages that an outdoor unit can cause. If you’re storing less sensitive items, such as tools, outdoor equipment, or anything else of that nature, a standard outdoor unit is probably your best choice. If you are still unsure about whether or not you need climate controlled storage near Kyle, TX contact us or stop by, and we’ll help find the right unit for you.

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